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Index of Recent TeacherIdeas, Page 241

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Writing Toolkits. (2017-11-21 07:00:21)
Writing Toolkits.
Free Writing Resources for Upper Elementary "FREE writing printables to use in interactive writing notebooks or in writing toolkits." "These writing toolkits are full of ...

Cloud Unit. (2017-11-21 07:00:04)
Cloud Unit.
" This little unit includes: Information page on clouds Two cloud poems Cloud comparison chart to post Cloud comparison matching activity for kids Cloud watcher template Pics of how ...

Sink or Float and Ocean's Zones. (2017-11-20 07:00:50)
Sink or Float and Ocean's Zones.
Download both of these printables to enhance your Science lesson. " All you need to do is prepare two bowls of water--one fresh and one very salty. Then, have the students place the ...

Teaching Earth Changes. (2017-11-20 07:00:31)
Teaching Earth Changes.
" This blog posts shares about teaching earth science and provides a FREE download for teaching the three layers of the earth!" " Our planet is an amazing place and so much fun ...

Birthday Graph. (2017-11-20 07:00:18)
Birthday Graph.
Help students learn about graphs with this free worksheet on What Month Were You Born. Tally the classroom students and then create a graph. Answer the questions on the right side of the page ...

Graphing and Data Analysis. (2017-11-20 07:00:03)
Graphing and Data Analysis.
Graphing and Data Analysis: A Scientific Method Activity " In this activity, students are given information about plants that are grown with and without the assistance of mycorrhizae. ...

Factors and Multiples Game. (2017-11-17 07:00:58)
Factors and Multiples Game.
" Use this to build student knowledge before moving on to greatest common factor or least common multiple. Use these to build general math vocabulary. Use it as a math station activity. ...

Solar System Study. (2017-11-17 07:00:50)
Solar System Study.
" Solar System Study Jams Interactive Notebook This interactive notebook is perfect for technology-based independent or small group work. There are 20 pages in the full file and it will ...

Verb Types Fold It Up. (2017-11-17 07:00:44)
Verb Types Fold It Up.
" Use this Verb Types Fold It Up for students to take notes about action, helping, and linking verbs. This free resources includes the fold it up and a completed example, with ...

General Resources for Lang Arts. (2017-11-17 07:00:32)
General Resources for Lang Arts.
Check out this huge list of Language Arts ( ELA ) resources. Find many collections of websites here to help you with your classroom needs. You will find citation and bibliography sources ...

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