Index of Recent TeacherIdeas, Page 324

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Index of Recent TeacherIdeas, Page 324

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50 Acts of Kindness for the Classroom. (2017-02-16 07:00:42)
50 Acts of Kindness for the Classroom.
Promoting acts of kindness teaches empathy and good citizenship. This compilation will give you 50 acts of kindness that you can use in your classroom to engage your students in acts of ...

Sugar Cube Rock Cycle. (2017-02-16 07:00:33)
Sugar Cube Rock Cycle.
Really cool lesson about the Rock Cycle using Sugar cubes! This website has so many different experiments that teachers can use to demonstrate different concepts in science! This activity ...

We've "Mathified" The Squares Game! (2017-02-15 07:00:56)
We've "Mathified" The Squares Game!
"Remember the game you used to play as a kid when you got bored at restaurants? You'd make a grid of 100 (or so) dots on a napkin and each person would get to draw a line to connect 2 dots ...

Rock Anchor Chart. (2017-02-15 07:00:46)
Rock Anchor Chart.
Here is the anchor chart my kids used as a reference tool all week.

Top Hits Figurative Language. (2017-02-15 07:00:31)
Top Hits Figurative Language.
"I don't think I've ever used the expression it's raining cats and dogs, but I have told my students to "shake it off!" My middle schoolers LOVE pop music and think it's really ...

Land Forms Anchor Chart. (2017-02-15 07:00:26)
Land Forms Anchor Chart.
After learning about land forms students can better visualize them by coloring a chart to keep with them. "We worked on land forms and made an anchor chart together. They each made a land ...

5 Online Fraction Manipulatives. (2017-02-14 07:00:54)
5 Online Fraction Manipulatives.
Fraction manipulatives make fractions concrete. Teachers can use these on smart boards. Students can use these on computers, iPads, or laptops

FREE Fun Math Printables! (2017-02-14 07:00:53)
FREE Fun Math Printables!
Here is a FREE fun math printables for preschool and kindergarten from The Measured Mom! Looking for some fun math games for preschool and kindergarten? Try one of these seasonal roll and ...

5 Free Close Reading Ideas and Activities! (2017-02-14 07:00:19)
5 Free Close Reading Ideas and Activities!
My young students learn to go back in the text, highlight important information, circle vocabulary terms, infer meaning from the text, and go back into the text to provide evidence to ...

Free Symmetry Worksheets. (2017-02-14 07:00:09)
Free Symmetry Worksheets.
"My class started symmetry for mathematics. I made these worksheets for them. The first one is for vertical and horizontal symmetry only, which has an answer key, and the other worksheet is ...

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