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Index of Recent TeacherIdeas, Page 347

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World Geography Worksheets. (2016-11-29 07:00:04)
World Geography Worksheets.
Common Core Sheets; A great resource for math, science, language arts and Social Studies worksheets. Amazing!!!! Answers given to the worksheets.

Nonfiction Text Features Game. (2016-11-28 09:30:22)
Nonfiction Text Features Game.
Text Features game contains 27 text features game cards and a game board to help students practice finding various text features in nonfiction text. This text features game works great as a ...

Context Clue Dominoes. (2016-11-28 07:00:50)
Context Clue Dominoes.
Use these manipulatives with your students give them practice with the skills of determining the meaning of an unknown word from its context.

Con-Text Clues Game. (2016-11-28 07:00:31)
Con-Text Clues Game.
Context clues center game! Great for older grade-level! Click on the picture to get the game directions.

Main Idea. (2016-11-28 07:00:17)
Main Idea.
Main idea is a difficult concept for students to grasp. Before having students identify the main idea within text, have students determine the main idea of a group of words. Then, have students ...

Comparing Fractions: Find a Common Numerator or Denominator. (2016-11-25 07:07:35)
Comparing Fractions: Find a Common Numerator or Denominator.
Comparison of fractions should be based on an understanding of the fractions as numbers, not tricks. In this series of blog posts, I will share five different strategies for comparing fractions.

Winter Math Multiplication Memory. (2016-11-25 07:00:51)
Winter Math Multiplication Memory.
This game makes practicing fours and fives multiplication facts fun! Included are 45 memory cards for students to match the multiplication array, multiplication fact, and product. This is a ...

Fractions - 20 Ready to Go Resources and Activities. (2016-11-25 07:00:39)
Fractions - 20 Ready to Go Resources and Activities.
Fractions are a part of many second through fifth grade classrooms. These 20 free fraction games, fraction worksheets, activities and resources will help simplify your lesson planning

Context Clues. (2016-11-25 07:00:01)
Context Clues.
"These Context Clues Printables offer print and go, common core aligned, context clues activities for 4th-6th grade. This context clues product includes four instructional pages to help ...

Flexibility with Place Value. (2016-11-23 07:00:57)
Flexibility with Place Value.
Download a free set of place value puzzle cards. "New standards call for an increased emphasis on understanding place value Traditionally, we have only taught decomposing by place value ...

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